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subrogation services

• Coghlan Law LLC is a commercial law firm with expertise in managing subrogation programs for healthcare plans.

• Our attorneys and staff take actions which are appropriate to maximize enforcement of the Plan’s rights to subrogation and coordination of benefits (“COB”) including the following actions:

• Review the Plan’s claims and identify those claims that have subrogation and/or COB potential;

• Open a file for those claims that have subrogation and/or COB potential;

• Investigate claims by contacting persons with injury-related information and reviewing police reports, hospital records, insurance policies and other available information;

• Determine whether there is a source of recovery, including third party liability, and seek reimbursement to the Plan from liability, uninsured, underinsured, workers’ compensation, medical payments coverage, no-fault, personal injury protection, specific risk, school or other coverages;

• Assert Plan’s subrogation and/or COB rights by serving insurance companies, attorneys and other appropriate persons with subrogation liens and other notices of the Plan’s rights and claims, communicate with, and make demands upon, insurance companies for reimbursement;

• Monitor accident related subrogation claims and determine if it is necessary for the Plan to initiate or intervene in litigation;

• Resolve disputes and collect reimbursement to the Plan;

• Investigate whether the Plan is primarily responsible for payment of benefits because of other available insurance

• Draft Plan subrogation and COB language to include in the Plan terms which overcome roadblocks to recovery

• Partner with Claims Personnel and Plan Administrators to help the Plan in maximizing recoveries and provide the Plan with needed reports

• Apply our professional skills and proprietary software that have been instrumental in recovering millions of dollars every year for Plans that we represent